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Новая заявка!

name: Amira Helina
phone: 87872559294
comment: Hello,

I apologies for infringing into your privacy via this message but it’s very important you go through it. My name is Helina Amira Sahib us-Sa’ada, daughter inlaw of H.E. Sahib us-Sa’ada. I am married to Prince Sa’Id in Saudi Arabia.

It’s a common knowledge that women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are restricted in so many ways and I am not an exception. I am educated but can’t practice my Profession. I am not allowed to drive, venture into any Business/ Investment. I can only be a live-in house wife.

On this premise, I seek your Personal or Corporate Advice and Partnership in a Huge Mutual Beneficial Business/ Investment Opportunity.

I will keep it this brief until I hear from you, you can reach me via email (amira@saudiroyalfamily.live)
Have a nice day,

Helina Amira.



г. Минск

Время работы:
с 08:00 до 20:00
вс. выходной
+375 29 331-76-21

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